Manpower and Staffing Solutions

Why Hiring Managers choose BCPL Manpower

High-touch support - You will have Beltronic Consultancy Pvt Ltd.assigned to manage your job from start to finish. Our teams are trained both in traditional recruiting, researching and sourcing as well as the techniques and process specific to Beltronic Consultancy Manpower's methodology. After every job, we ask you for feedback on the BCPL team's performance. On average, our clients rate the service they receive a 4.3 on a 5-point scale.

Time savings - We understand initial job profile, and follow up to develop your job description, screening questions and recruiting plan. After that, all recruiting decisions are made at the click of a button - hiring, declining, scheduling.

Cost savings - What does it cost you per month to support multiple postings, recruiters, agencies, and your own time? We can beat it by a long shot. Our technology makes us extremely efficient, and our economies of scale allow us to pass the savings along to you. Our clients also enjoy a significant reduction in the need for agencies.

Source agnostic - We will use any source to find the right person. No games, no self interest, no preferential treatment. Referrals, posting leads, professional organizations, you name it - we will use them all to fill your job.

Respect for candidates - Job seekers are Clients and references as well. We make sure they receive follow up, regardless of the outcome. What goes around comes around - we'll make your mother proud of you.

Our Process

Tell us what you need in your own words. We'll step you through some questions so we can design your job description, multiple choice questions and behavioral questions.

Review and approve the job description and pre-interview questions designed by BCPL. Then we get to work.

Check your personal BCPL Console. Once candidates are found, screened and pre-interviewed, BCPL notifies you once a day by e-mail that you have candidates available for review in your personal "Make Decisions" console. From there, you can schedule an interview, extend an offer, or decline with a click. We do the rest for you.

Our Support Options

Every job we support receives an end-to-end recruitment solutions. Each job supported includes a dedicated BCPL TEAM, a detailed recruitment plan specific to that job, documented screening and pre-interviewing of every applicant, and applicant tracking that automates workflow.

  • In this model "BCPL" will provide for resources to the Client as per their requirements. The resource will be absorbed by the Client and only recruitment charges will be levied, here the role of BCPL ends with the recruitment of the resource and the payment is made. All bills will be submitted within the first week of the candidate joining.
  • The second model works in such a way that the Client and BCPL are hand in glove, here although the resource would be on the payroll of BCPL, the final selection of the resource, the salary to be given, profile etc would be decided by the Client. The Client would pay a fixed commission over and above the CTC of the resource. The benefits like PF, ESIC, PT to be given would be to the discretion of the Client.

Performance Guarantee

Within 3 days, BCPL will find, electronically interview and present at least 7 candidates who meet or exceed the criteria defined in your approved recruitment plan. Our Performance Guarantee is assured and will be met.

Client Service Level Agreement

Our pre-agreed Client Service Level Agreement (CSLA) defines both client and consultant responsibilities at each stage of the process and provide a methodology for measurement and account feedback. They are tailored according to our clients' specific needs and priorities, but typically encompass KPI's and process management.

Key Performance Indicators

KPI's and response times are agreed at the start of an assignment and are usually measured on a strategic, tactical and operational level. Typically we may measure:

  • CVs sent to 1st interview requests
  • 1st interview to 2nd interview ratio
  • 2nd interview to offer ratio
  • Offer to acceptance ratio
  • Length of service post-placement
  • Conversion of temporary placements to permanent contracts

Process Management

Our goal is to streamline and add value to every step of the recruitment process, from producing pre-agreed job briefing forms to reduce the amount of time our clients spend briefing us on each role, through to providing candidate pre-screening guarantees, to ensure our clients' packages are in line with the market. This approach has enabled us to achieve an average ratio on CVs sent to offers made of 1:4 and to reduce our clients' time to hire by as much as 60%.

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