Staffing Services

Man Power Planning

Beltronic perform this step in a very efficient manner, by keeping complete knowledge about the total staff requirement of an organization is very important.

Position Announcement

Major steps that are performed during the position announcement can be summarized as the follows

  • Advertising & Posting with the media and job portals.
  • Targeting certain areas for better working.
  • Deciding the selection criteria.
  • Deciding the ways for carrying on the interviews in a good phased manner.


The major steps involved in the process of the interviewing can be summarized as the follows

  • Short listing of the candidates who have applied for the vacancy.
  • Confirming the interview methodology.
  • Drawing the interview program.
  • Informing about this program to the prospective applicants.


Beltronic communicates the results of an interview immediately as far as possible as a part of the business etiquette.

  • Those who are selected are offered offer letter.
  • Those who are not selected are informed immediately
  • Confirmation about the candidates who are joining are obtained, so that the further things can be planned in a good manner.


  • Induction is given by welcoming of a new person in a job.
  • Work ethos and the culture are explained.
  • The new person is made comfortable and familiar to the day to day activities and reporting person.
  • The work manual that includes the rules and regulations of an organization is also given to the new person. This work manual is also referred to as the induction manual.
  • The identity card is also given to the new person.

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